Ballot Statement

Occupation: Planning Commissioner

Education and Qualifications: MS Architecture. MBA. MS Strategic Management. All three from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

My husband and I are blessed to have lived in Saratoga for the last 19 years. I am honored to have served our City for the last 10 years on the Planning Commission, twice each as chair and vice-chair. With that experience, my leadership and professional skills, I am ready to serve as a City Council member.

I comprehensively understand Saratoga’s neighborhoods, in hills and flatlands. I have worked to update each of Saratoga’s six General Plan Elements, the Master Plan for its future. I am a core contributor to the Residential Design Handbook. As a significant contributor to the Village Update plan, I understand our Downtown. I have worked tirelessly on issues relating to noise, traffic and wireless facilities. As your City Council member, I will use my broad experience to make optimal policies for businesses and residents. I have a proven 10 year record of leadership, hard work and integrity, serving every neighborhood in Saratoga. I am your voice.

Today, Saratoga’s small-town, low-density identity and cherished open spaces are threatened as State laws take decision making out of our hands. Proposed high-density development at our city boundary would worsen traffic in Saratoga. We have already lost Quito Center and other commercial districts are at risk. Your quality of life matters. We urgently need to preserve and protect all of Saratoga. But we are not prepared.

Rather than join hands with its citizens in opposing the high-density challenges, our City spent resources on the Mountain Winery annexation. My focus will be to tighten ordinances and build stronger defenses against draconian State laws.

With fiscal prudence and environmental responsibility as the guiding principles, my priorities will be to provide for seniors aging in place, address noise and traffic issues, maintain neighborhood peace and quiet, and keep our homes safe. With your vote, I will preserve our hillsides, tree canopies, open spaces, parks and trails for our children. I will uphold Saratoga’s values and serve with collaboration and integrity.

Local government decisions are very important. Saratoga needs people like me who, with commitment, professional experience and a proven record, can preserve its beauty for future generations, and make it more vibrant. Please visit